Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology Universit

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

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Her main prayer request is that her parents will give their lives to Christ and that the Lord would continue to help with her studies at the University. She disliked us so much that when her younger sister joined the church, she withheld her financial support. She also took back property that was part of a community advocated eviction of one of the churches in Katobo.

He then started coming to church and gave his life to the Lord. We thank the Lord for saving him and that he is a new creation in Jesus Christ. God is working through our home fellowships, which are growing and making an impact in their communities for Christ.

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The various groups help us identify the diverse talents, gifts, and callings for ministry. Once we can recognize God’s gifts, we can start developing the individuals. Mr. Betonda Sam has been attending church for a long time; however, we never knew he had the gift of public speaking until the men had an opportunity to lead the Sunday service. The church marveled at such a gift in him and ever since then, he has been on the list of those to be trained in teaching and discipleship as future leaders in the church. There has been a manifestation of God’s workings through the new evangelism method of preaching the Gospel through Bible stories telling. The people have shown great interest in listening to these stories, and many church members have been encouraged to come and attend our fellowships and church services with us.

She steps in to serve when the fellowship leader is absent. Her love for the Word and desire to participate in ministry is encouraging. She is grateful for the teaching at God’s Embassy that has helped her grow in her spiritual life. Her main prayer request is for a favorable job near the church, that allows her to continue in ministry and attend services. Tugume and Ahumuza are a young couple with one boy, Bernard,who is four years old glory casino.

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How lives are being transformed, and souls are saved through Jesus Christ. Today they are staying together and growing in their faith as a family. Ritah is a 17-year-old young lady who is still in school and lives with her parents, two sisters, and two brothers. Ritah loves to sing and serves the Lord by being part of our choir. Ritah attends prayer meetings and expresses how grateful she is for the Lord who saved her and has been taking care of her family through their poor financial state.

  • Lovious is growing strong in the Lord and is an encouragement and example to others in the community to work hard and trust God.
  • Clinton is the second-born and is sixteen; he is a student in primary five.
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We are seeing the number of church attendants increasing. Many people in the community whom we never expected to participate in any of our church services have started coming to church. A man by the name of Yoram was a close neighbor of the church but had never entered the church structure and was a persecutor of the church. Our prayer is that he will continue to come, will listen to the Word of God and will ultimately give his life to Christ.

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The family’s prayer request is for God to give them strength to work hard, to save, and to build themselves a house. Ruhimbura is a fantastic example of a life transformed by the gospel. He was a heavy alcoholic and spent much of his time in bars. Through our door-to-door evangelism ministry, we talked with Ruhimbura and shared the gospel.

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  • This month we saw God at work through the provision of the airtime fee that allowed our radio program to resume.
  • Praise the Lord for the construction job that enables Tugume to earn a living and support his family.
  • Her desire is to be used by God to reach her community with the gospel.
  • The community is now allowing us to impact people’s lives together with less resistance.
  • Here in Rukungiri Uganda, God has been gracious to us as a ministry.

The community observed Jesus at work, and it is clear that ever since then, Kapesha’s life has been different. He is now a committed member of the church and is sharing his testimony with friends and strangers. Nicolaus one of the members has proven himself to be an excellent leader. He is committed to the work of ministry, bible studies, and missions. He is a very active member in his home fellowship of Kasoroza where he sometimes leads in sharing the word of God and leading prayer nights.

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It offered three-year diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There are a significant number of places you may pay a visit.

  • Students of Rajshahi Collegewere at the forefront of the movement demanding a new university.
  • It is vital to address this challenge, which will only grow in the coming days if no action is taken.
  • We recruited eight young men onto our team who had not previously been church members.
  • He has been encouraging the youth in Kingdom Steppers to attend practice and perform for the church services.

We thank God for the donors of White Fields for making this witnessing possible through their generous giving. As our people finished the water tank for Christine, we were hired by a local businessman to build a house for him. Our reputation is growing, and sustainable work is now available to the members of our church. For leadership training, we are targeting the first line of ministers who are heads of department and fellowship leaders.

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We have seen that the religious leaders of different denominations seem disturbed and confused. They see many of their former followers who left their group are now openly declaring that they are a part of God’s embassy fellowships. The people who left attribute this decision to the truth we teach and care we give our congregation, and how these are indications of the true gospel.

  • After that visit, he began to allow his wife to attend church with the children.
  • The study has increased the numbers in our fellowships and people are responding to the church programs and getting involved in ministry.
  • The entire ministry team serves in different areas of church programs and activities.
  • We believe the Lord brought many to Himself and we hope to share their stories in future prayer reports.

We pray that the Lord will watch over you and your families with His loving kindness. This month we saw God at work through the provision of the airtime fee that allowed our radio program to resume. We have been lifting this burden to the Lord in prayer for some time and believe that God will provide a way for us to reach the people in Rukungiri and the rest of Western Uganda.

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Recently, an Anglican priest visited one of our fellow members, Bonny, who was formerly a committed member of his congregation. Her relationship with God and her knowledge of Him had improved.

  • His focus was teaching how to evangelism through Bible stories.
  • We thank God that through this time of fellowship together, the men are growing in the Word and attaining the courage to share the Word of God with others.
  • Meritorious students try to get admission in this college because of its name and fame.
  • During the Sunday morning Bible study classes, the men have been studying manhood, and the women have been studying the book of Ruth.
  • There are different meetings for men, women, and Youth that are not reflected in the weekly program because they occur once a month.

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Hillary is twenty-five, Prudence is twenty, Generous is nineteen. They are all old enough to care for themselves and no longer live at home. Kate lives in a temporary house in the Kabura cell Nyakagyeme sub-country. She survives through subsistence farming, and her husband works the land cultivating in the Kiruhura district. Kate is talented in singing and leads the praise and worship for the Kabura fellowship.

  • She is now a member of the church and comes each week in addition to our home fellowship.
  • Praise the Lord for the support of White Fields to enable us to reach the communities around us.
  • We had two-hundred and fifty pastors plus nine-hundred and twenty-seven laypeople.
  • Our home fellowships were essential in encouraging believers to be firm in their faith.
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He is grateful to the Lord for his job and is praying to be able to save enough money to return to school. He studied up to Senior Two but was unable to continue past this point due to his parent’s financial situation. Kiconco is a born-again Christian who was saved when we started the home fellowship in Rushasha village six months ago. She is committed to learning from God’s Word and participating in the church programs. Her mother started coming to the home fellowship through her invitation, and Kiconco is persistent in encouraging and inviting her neighbors to hear God’s Word.

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There is no direct access road except for a footpath through the winding hills. The parents asked the church to open a fellowship in Rutete to have access to studying the Word of God. We visited the place and held a fellowship in their home where many of the neighbors listened and heard the Gospel as seen in the pictures below. The Rutete community is dependent on Agriculture most of them live under the poverty line with limited access to healthcare and education.

  • He is grateful to God for his job with the construction team that enables him to earn income to sustain his family and educates his children.
  • Morin used to operate a bar and was unable to afford school fees for her children.
  • Judith had long desired to serve in the ministry but for a long time could not because her husband who is a Catholic, refused to allow her even to attend God’s Embassy.
  • The adult congregation is back to verse by verse study of the book of Mathew.
  • The men enjoyed the experience and since there was not enough time for all the questions, it was decided that we should plan a three-day seminar to ask more questions.

The church intercessors meet every Tuesday evening for prayers. The married men and women meet once a month to learn to pray for families. First of all, it is a good reputation and a license from the authorized organ to make it legal.

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This month we visited 30 homes and shared the word of God with 52 men and 79 women. We give God the glory for giving us the strength and grace to be workers with Him in winning souls and reaching out to the lost. Two members of our church Henry and Rachel both surrendered their lives to Christ. Rachel started coming to church by herself and after hearing the Gospel professed faith in Jesus. They have three children, two of whom are part of the Young Ambassador’s choir.

  • The bar is re-opened and serves as a popular hangout for guests and the growing year-round community.
  • I cannot thank God enough for the support of White Field.
  • She survives through subsistence farming, and her husband works the land cultivating in the Kiruhura district.
  • Through teaching, counseling, and prayer, she regained hope and started to fight to join her family.
  • Pray for Joab; he is thirty-three and one of the deacons.

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Of dengue, climate change and El Nino

She was married to Benon, but when Morin professed faith in God, Benon left her. Morin used to operate a bar and was unable to afford school fees for her children. But when she came to the Lord and learned the Word of God, she left the bar business and got another job as a school cook at Graceland Elementary School. Jennifer, also known as Nalongo, is the mother of a family in our fellowship. Her husband passed away over ten years ago, leaving her with six kids.

We praise God for His continual provision through White Fields that allows us to continue the Graceland classroom construction and pay the teachers during this time of lockdown. The teachers are grateful to the Lord that they teach at a school that cares for them. Other teachers at the other schools have no pay during this time. We are thankful for White Fields donors that support us to continue serving the community. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus from God’s Embassy Katobo. We are grateful for the support you render us both in prayers and in finances.

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During one of the services, he gave his life to Christ Jesus. He no longer is an alcoholic nor experiences demon possession. He serves as an usher and is an active member of the Kigina home fellowship. Lovious is a teacher at Grace Land Academy and the director of studies.

  • The Memorial inside the campus commemorating the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who were students of the college.
  • It is designed to handle tasks such as order management, dispatch, delivery tracking, and reporting.
  • It was a day of feasting and celebrating their labor inthe Lord.
  • Joseph told us, ever since his wife started going to church, his family has been different.
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  • One day, the pastor gave an altar call, and Moses surrendered his life to the Lord.

The correlation between El Nino and the worsening effects of climate change spells bad news for disease burdens. Not just dengue and not just in Bangladesh, but climate change will increase disease outbreaks around the world in several ways. Meanwhile, in March this year, SPARRSO published an advertisement on national dailies offering research fellowship in two categories. There is also a stark contrast in terms of the leadership between ISRO and SPARRSO.

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As a church, we are committed to developing leaders because the workload is significant and a few people cannot shoulder the work alone. As a leadership team, they have agreed to put into practice what they have learned, and we implemented a quarterly program where all ministers will have an opportunity to serve. The program schedule is divided by women, men, youth, and children. Everyone will have the chance to serve in their different capacities. This program is aimed at giving every member of the church an opportunity to discover his or her calling and gifts. The pastor leads the services, and on Monday we have a review of what worked and where we need improvement.

  • We have seen the attendance at our Sunday school classes grow dramatically!
  • Her husband is not as strict with her about participating, and she is praying for him to become a Christian and to be less of a hindrance on her desire to serve.
  • We have over twenty-five teenagers and decided to engage them in ministry.
  • We have made some strides at God’s Embassy, especially in the area of reaching children.

Joan is thirteen, Anita is ten and Joab is six and is at the top of his class. He joined the church after our constant visits and invitations to fellowship with us. One day, the pastor gave an altar call, and Moses surrendered his life to the Lord. When he made this decision, his wife also started attending the church and gave her life to God. This family who once was Catholics are no born-again believers. Now the children are a part of the children’s Sunday school.

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  • Give thanks for the witness of Innocent’s wife and her service to the church.
  • Recently, we have visitors from the USA including Pastor Steve, Pastor Todd, Ray, and Buddy.
  • When we first started this, it seemed hard and was disturbing to many because they found it hard to speak in public.
  • We continued to pray for him, and eventually, he came to church.

Now we have a bigger and better workspace that will be central and improve our services to the communities around us. The building will host the offices for the poverty solutions manager and provide spaces for the welding and woodwork shops. People are hearing the truth of the Word of God and gradually responding by committing their lives to Christ. Some people are challenged by the lockdown and struggling with their faith. However, many others are hearing the Word and giving their lives to Christ. We have had a total of nineteen people commit their lives to Christ during this period, and we thank God for His saving grace through Christ, our Lord.

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